Sean Yoro's A’o ‘Ana Glacier Mural Is Activist Cry Against Global Warming

New York-based artist Sean Yoro, aka Hula, has jumped on his paddle board and headed north into glacier country for a mural series called A’o ‘Ana (translation: The Warning).

"The larger-than-life works—produced using oil paint on mounted acrylic sheet—feature Hula’s signature side-view profile as it bobs in and out of the water. In addition, he painted a half-open hand extending its fingers towards the surrounding icebergs. Both works are utterly striking against the frigid, barren landscape", writes My Modern Met.

“In the short time I was there [at the glacier], I witnessed the extreme melting rate first hand as the sound of ice cracking was a constant background noise while painting,” he explained on his website. “Within a few weeks these murals will be forever gone, but for those who find them, I hope they ignite a sense of urgency, as they represent the millions of people in need of our help who are already being affected from the rising sea levels of Climate Change.”

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