PANTONE 18-1438 Marsala Lightens Your Blue Mood

2015’s Color of the Year Can Be Enjoyed By Men and Women Alike Vanity Fair

Every December PANTONE — the color forecasting group — chooses its color of the year. Unlike last year’s ‘radiant orchid’, this year’s ‘marsala’ is a less controversial choice. Please note that I’m not so sure that PANTONE has so much actual influence in color trends. They never impacted me at Victoria’s Secret, as Fashion Director and/or Director of Product Development.

I don’t recall posting lots of ‘radiant orchid’ fashion and style products in 2014, which is testimony to the sensible nature of designers, especially those involved in big brands. ‘Marsala’ is another matter … an earthy red wine … a neutral with passion. Indeed, the color does inspire one to think a bit out of the box, without being considered deranged.

The Pantone website marries’ marsala’ with navy blue. FOR CERTAIN, fashion and style are in a blue mood. The color was everywhere on the Spring 2015 runways and in magazine editorials right now. Marsala is a great color for accessories — although product development groups had better get cracking fast because this blue mood train has left the station.

Vanity Fair writes that the Pantone website looks like it’s straight out of Blake Lively’s PRESERVE. I’ll say! But imitation is the best form of flattery and there’s no contesting the delicious nature of both PANTONE’s color ‘marsala’ and this gorgeous photography. I like it! ~ Anne