Vogue Korea August 2013 Is Outstanding With G-Dragon Edge & Nod To Fashion Craftsmanship

The August issue of Vogue Korea is superb! Creative, artistic, young and edgy with its focus on pop star G-Dragon of Big Bang fame in the three editorials above. Below we have a magnificent nod to art and fashion called ‘Fashion into Crafts’, lensed by Kang Hyea-Won and featuring models Lee Hyun-Yi, Lee Hye-Jung, Song Kyung-Ah and Park Sera. Add this fantastic jewelry explosion called ‘Bird Fantasy’ — and there’s more to come.

In terms of pure talent, creativity and original artistry, Vogue Korea is running circles around Vogue Paris. Compare your own notes, but to me they’re not in the same league any more. Vogue Paris is a one-trick pony and has been in its tenure under editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt. I was glimmer of hopeful in June/July but August came back as sadly one-dimension and very boring!!! ~ Anne

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