Andrew Yee's 'Call To The Bar' Ballet Dancing Paradise

Andrew Yee’s splendidly beautiful, poetic editorial ‘Call To The Bar’ for How To Spend It Magazine December arrives at a perfect time to celebrate GlamTribale’s weekend success at The Philadelphia Ballet’s first holiday market at the Kimmel Center.

Yee lenses models Alexa Yudina, Ana Buljevic, Anastasia Ivanova, Anne-Sofie List, Ilva Heitmann, Maria Borges, Regina Krilow, Stephanie Hall, Vasilisa Pavlova and Veranika Antsipava, with styling by Damian Foxe.

In moments every bit as special as our recent experience in Ocean City, NJ, we made many new friends and reconnected with a surprising number of existing ones. GlamTribale’s path forward is increasingly defined by our support among educated, worldly, progressive thinkers of every age.

Our commitment to helping women with 10% of our revenues is the strongest marketing tool we could possibly present to this community. GlamTribale’s philanthropy initiative springs from my long-standing commitment to women’s rights and the promotion of a positive female sensuality grounded in my personal beliefs and values. I would do it under any circumstances. Nevertheless, it’s so gratifying to see the GlamTribale community compromised of countless Democrats, Republicans and Independents come together in a strong embrace a pro-woman strategy that defies the cacophony of modern American politics.

Thanks so much to everyone who supported us at The Philadelphia Ballet Nutcracker Market this weekend. ~ Anne


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