Tyg Davison In 'You Are Drifting Alone', Lensed By Kenneth Kwok With Art Direction By Malorie Shmyr For Magpie Darling #60

Mist, mythology, sensuality, eternity, femininity, solitude. I was mesmerized upon stumbling into photographer Kenneth Kwok’s editorial ‘You Are Drifting Alone’ on Magpie Darling Issue 60.

Model Tyg Davison @ Wilhelmina Vancouver morphs into symbolic gestures of the feminine experience as if she is walking on water. Malorie Shmyr’s art direction and styling is outstanding in its rich simplicity. Brandi Leifso provides perfect harmony with makeup and hair.

Nature is infused with powerful lightness throughout Kwok’s images, dancing a beautiful tempo between full body shots and intimate closeups. The images are delightful yet pensive, and lighter than air.

It’s not easy for a young team to project such effortless confidence and understanding of life-meaning concepts as ‘You Are Drifting Alone’ reveals. How inspiring to see a group of young people soar into the sky with beauty, assurance and brilliance. Love, love! ~ Anne