Modern American Women Join Cultural Creatives In a New Smart Sensuality, Global Mindset on Women's Rights

Koo Bohn Chang captures model Hye Jung Lee in Vogue Korea’s January’s editorial ‘Woman in Folk Painting’.The images resort deeply with the mission of Anne of Carvesville, which is to tell women’s stories “from fashion to flogging”.

Smart Sensuality Women Explained

It not often that we see a synthesis of women’s folk art heritage with intellectual modernism in fashion. More often we see the fashion indie woman at home in colorful, decorative tribal and folk influences. We refer to her as a Cultural Creative and also a Smart Sensuality woman. This term Smart Sensuality is a sub-category of women who embrace the global values and life-journey carpet-ride of the cultural creatives, while being woman of style and sensuality.

From its inception, the Smart Sensuality woman has always fused cultural creative and the dominant modern values, too. Not a woman who believes that she who has the most clothes wins as monied moderns often do, the Smart Sensuality woman takes a strong belief in technology and science, along with intellectual rigor into her mindset.

The result is a fusion — a new hybrid creature as Koo Bohn Chang represents in this editorial.

Converting the Modern Values Woman

Let me add that writers like me are making inroads with modern-values women, converting them to our point of view with a series of questions about sexuality, morality, body image, fashion, social conscience, labor laws, environment, politics and endless other questions too numerous to list. 

The Republican War on Women has scared the wits out of countless American women as we watch attempts to turn back the clock on women’s progress in America. Modern values women are suddenly listening with keen interest to what we are saying.

AOC exists to tell women’s stories — and yes, women’s history, too, from the very beginning. This is the purpose of our 12 goddesses, who ground the GlamTribale jewelry collection. In sharing their mythology, we study the downfall of women from all-powerful goddesses in Sumeria 10,000 BC to creatures lower than dolphins in Aristotle’s hierarchy of beings.

The digital age has created new opportunities for women to share our history internationally. Our friends and readers come from all over the world, including proxy servers in the Arab world and parts of Africa, where Anne of Carversville is now banned.

It is our relentless pursuit of truth about women’s minds, bodies and souls that results in our perceived threat to mankind.

Archaeology and anthropology promise new help in unlocking the mysteries of women’s disappearance under burqas in Egypt, while a similar assault goes on in America.  Virginia Governor Ultrasound Bob McDonnell or Pennsylvania Governor ‘Close Your Eyes when your head is in government-sponsored lockdown’ Bob Corbett hold court on the place of women in the 21st century, as social conservatives seek to throw a lasso around women’s rights in America.

AOC is an answer to them and their supporters. For more information on the Smart Sensuality woman — as well as traditionals, moderns and cultural creatives, read Smart Sensuality Women Explained . ~ Anne.


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