Dolphins Romp in Pacific Stampede While Shark Fins Bake on Hong Kong Roof

Dolphins off Southern California gave spectators the vision of a lifetime, as several common dolphin sub-pods got together for an ocean romp of near epic proportions.

“This has happened twice recently though it is very rare,” states Capt. David Anderson in the video description. “The line of wild dolphins could be seen from miles away churning up the water and, to the delight of whale watching passengers, the dolphins turned and stampeded directly over to the boat.”

Wrter Pete Thomas of assures readers that the dolphins aren’t under attack in any way and no dolphins were struck or harmed in any way by the vessel. The whale watching boat came out on a regular cruise, and the dolphins put on a unique and very rare show.

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A mythical giant squid has been spotted alive for the first time by a team from Japan’s National Science Museum, who captured footage of the creature nearly a third of a mile below the surface of the ocean.

The giant squids grow up to 60 feet in length have been found dead on beaches and photographed in the ocean usually on the surface. This is the first time the massive creature has been seen below the waves, until filmed in a joint mission of Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) and the Discovery Channel. The footage will air in America on January 27.

Using a manned submarine, Kubodera and his colleagues made 100 trips into the ocean’s depths to spot the awesome sea creature. “The team used a specially designed camera to capture high definition images in deep water.” via CBS

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Shark’s Fin Slaughter Update

Shark fin traders in Hong Kong have been busted in what appears to be an attempt to raise increased public conerns about the possible obliteration of sharks from our planet. The fins formerly dried on the sidewalks of Hong Kong, where shark’s fin soup is served at wedding banquets and in luxury hotels.

In Hong Kong itself, demand for shark’s fin soup is actually declining says environmental campaigner Gary Stokes. “With the middle class becoming more affluent, the demand is definitely growing” in mainland China, Stokes said. via Huff Po


Laws To End Brutal Shark Finning Offends Some Chinese Americans

Shark finning is one of the most brutal activities of the sea. The fins are hacked off a live shark, which is then thrown overboard where it sinks to the bottom of the sea and dies slowly.

Because America has demonized sharks, we are more insensitive to the practice of shark finning, perhaps even believing subconsciously that sharks get what they deserve.

Alice Newstead’s Activist Art

Alice Newstead Submits to the Horrors of Shark Finning

June 15, 2011: Alice Newstead has taken her protest against shark fishing to Hong Kong, again backed by Lush, the British cosmetics company. Instead of hanging in a store window as she did in Paris, Alice is hanging in an arts centre courtyard for 20 minutes at a time.

Her purpose is to protest the killing of 73 million sharks a year, threatening their extinction. The killing of the sharks is particularly inhumane. Their fins are sliced off to make the soup and they are thrown alive back into the water, unable to swim and sentenced to death.

Because Hong Kong serves as a key trend setting city among Asian communities, it’s only the people of Hong Kong who can lead the way to stopping this brutal luxury consumer practice of using shark fin soup as a display of wealth. Currently the fins are worth about $300 a pound.