Stone Cold Fox Presents 'The Virgin Bride'; Anne Says Lilith Would Like the Apple Touch


Mysteries of Garden of Eden

The History Channel show ‘Mysteries of the Garden of Eden’ is without question the most important hour of TV I’ve ever watched.

While ‘Mysteries of the Garden of Eden’ doesn’t focus on why the patriarchy rose to power, it shatters the Genesis myth once and for all in my eyes, showing how the exact stories of the Bible are traced back to Sumerian culture, when women were first veiled.

Religious scholars — not heathen liberals as Rush Limbaugh would suggest — explain that the Garden of Eden story is almost identical to the Sumerian creation myth. We’re talking the president of Pepperdine University and two priests from Notre Dame.

Lilith, Adam’s first wife in the Old Testament, was once known as a Sumerian fertility/agricultural goddess before she became demonified by later religions. HC gives Lilith a much more central role than I’ve ever experienced on TV. ~ Anne


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