One Sexy Treat! A Day Keeps the Anti-Depressant Doctor Away So Let's Get Started!

My friend Steve Shaw, photographer and publisher of Treats! magazine delivers visual erotica and good reading in the latest Treats! newsletter. There’s not too many Treats! that I can put on the front page of AOC, but this wonderful piece of writing Adventurers in Rio, Brazil & Bust by Kelly Lee, a Beverly Hills-based lifestyle, travel and fashion writer hits a real sweet spot this morning.

It’s Steve’s sophisticated mix of very provocative yet tasteful photography mixed with style, travel and thinking person’s lifestyle news that gives this coffee table magazine an audience that’s more than half women.

Hotter than Hades model Sessilee Lopez graces the latest issue of Treats! before jumping ship to America’s good woman magazine Marie Claire and Sweden’s Dressed to Kill’s Love issue. This is quite a range for Sessilee, who’s pulling off her maverick model status with style, conviction and NO intention of hiding the reality that she is a sensual woman. Bravo!

Perhaps Treats! could take on the subject of the federal deficit and jumpstarting the American economy, giving his captive audience a lesson in the best long-term strategy for bringing down the national deficit. It’s true that conservatives buy more pornography, so how about an economics lesson?

Steve Shaw and I are on the same path. For me it’s “telling women’s stories from fashion to flogging” under the large umbrella of female sexuality. This is the psychological territory of the Smart Sensuality person: intelligent, sexy and with heart.

At AOC we emphasize social conscience way more than Treats!, but our vibrations remain in concert and totally compatible.

Feeling a bit like the heretic this morning — after all it’s Saturday, not Sunday and it’s past sundown in Israel, I share some of the best Treats! has to offer, mixed with my own writing on sexuality and women’s rights.

If 20 million American women are ready to jump into the missionary, paddle-me position for good after reading 50 Shades of Grey, we have work to do. IMHO Treats! is a lot more satisfying and a positive road forward for us eternally-guilty, so-sorry-that-I-did-it-sir American women.

Give me back our pagan goddesses with guts — which is exactly what I intend to do with my new jewelry collection GlamTribale. I’ll be adding to this sensual mosaic all weekend, but let’s get started! (PS, track Treats! editorials here) ~ Anne

Anne’s Writing on Sexuality

Loving Relationship | 32 Health Benefits of Sex

Today’s focus on sensuality and the good life looks at the science behind 32 health benefits of sex with a trusted partner. 

Naysayers, please read on, because science is on my side.

The health benefits of sex is not a Cosmo tale for empty-headed blondes, but rather a rich landscape of high-priority, vital information for maximum health and aging. Let’s get started because this is one pill I want you to swallow often.

Strong American Results in Female Sexual Desire Drug

(Note: the FDA didn’t approve flibanserin, a decision we support. The most interesting aspect of this study for us was how much more responsive American women were to the drug, compared to European women. American women had a strong placebo effect, compared to other countries.)

Reading the initial Bloomberg update: Boehringer’s Desire Drug Boosts Lust, Improves Sex, the North American results are the most interesting:

1. The placebo affect also worked. After taking the drug for six months, North American women taking the placebo reported 3.7 satisfying sex acts each month, compared to 2.7 acts during the baseline period.

2. The North American women taking 100 milligrams of flibanserin nightly reported an average of 4.5 satisfying sex acts per month, up from 2.8 acts during the four-week base line test period.

The Orchid test in Europe failed to deliver more satisfying sexual events, though women reported increased desire. A lower-dose version called Dahlia was ineffective.

Men More LIkely Than Women To First Look at Face in Porn Films

A study funded by the Atlanta-based Center for Behavioral Neuroscience (CBN) suggests that the stereotypes about men and porn are erroneous.

The expectation among researchers was that men would be immediately focused on genitals, but the results disputed this popular ‘knowledge’ about men’s behavior. In reality, men were more likely than women to first look at a woman’s face before other parts of the body.

Women focused longer on photographs of men performing sexual acts with women than did the males. Technology allowed researchers to disregard what women say about watching pornography, and zero in on our actual behavior.

American Culture Promotes Female Sexual Dysfunction

When it comes to American culture, and its Conservative morality police — including the strong prevalance of religious values in America compared to European countries — we believe that outsiders are more to blame for women’s sexual psychology than men as husbands and lovers.

Body Talk | Owning Vulvas, Clits & G-Spots

In response to earlier nonsense published this month that the female G-spot doesn’t exist, noted British sex researcher Dr. Petra helps us make sense of the headines with Where have all the g spots gone?

I stand by my earlier claims: The Research Is Rubbish! I Promise To Help You Find Your G-Spot. In writing these words, I’m not projecting any good or negative values about G-spot orgasms. And I’m not suggesting that if a woman doesn’t experience G-spot orgasms, she’s ‘less of a woman’.

My goal is to get women into their bodies — alone or with company.

Sexy Doublespeak When the Topic is American Women and Sexual Honesty

The cliche is that women aren’t interested in sex online, based on our click-thru rates on the word ‘porn’. As girls, we would never admit to these facts, but we’re hanging out in adult cyberspace in record numbers.

In 2006 women executed:

•  50% of the 75 million searches for the word sex

•  64% of the 30 million searches for adult dating

•  56% of the 14 million searches for teen sex 

•  64% of the 13 million searches for adult sex

•  50% of the 12 million searches for sex chat

•  59% of the 8.5 million searches for cyber sex

Islam, Western Guilt, Original Sin & Sensuality | Koray’s Birand’s Alyssa Miller Images Celebrate Female Eroticism

The images of Alyssa Miller in Koray Birand’s editorial ‘Tutku Oyunlari’ are stunning without the ambient music effects of the video. Understanding that the editorial was published in Harper’s Bazaar Turkey intrigues me as a reminder that a Muslim country like Turkey is sensually so much more sophisticated than America. The social conservatives would just hammer an American magazine for producing anything this sensually beautiful, preferring that we down in the guilt of living in Original Sin.

Mario Sorrentini’s 2012 Pirelli Calendar Empowers Women

Reality is that women readers are all over the digital images of Sorrenti’s Pirelli women, and with high praise. Responding to our presentation of the Pirelli 2012 Calendar on Sensuality News, a devoted AOC friend wrote:

Oh my God, Anne! The new Pirelli!!! I just saw some of the photos - I’m wondering what you think of them, because I’m stunned at the soft sensuality and the staggering picturesque atmosphere…..

Controlling Women’s Bodies Is a Fight to the Finish

Male-dominated global cultures continue to wrestle with female sexuality. The most repressive forms of Islam are at war with womens’ bodies, throwing head-to-coverage on the female form.

Simutaneously, Western societies, led by the Internet, unveil women’s bodies as never before, rendering us all voyeurs. This increasing sexualization of Western culture drives social conservatives crazy — even though as a group they buy more porn than the rest of us, based on the their IP addresses and credit card zip codes.

Statistics Say Conservatives Buy More Porn

Southern Baptists vehemently oppose porn, but Mississippi — the largest Southern Baptist state — was the third biggest porn-buying state in the survey of America.

States where a majority of residents agreed with the statement “I have old-fashioned values about family and marriage,” bought 3.6 more subscriptions per thousand people than states where a majority disagreed. A similar difference emerged for the statement “AIDS might be God’s punishment for immoral sexual behaviour.” via New Scientist