Can a Politician Criticize America Without Being A Traitor? | Planned Parenthood Ads Against Romney Working

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The Atlantic writes a provocative piece asserting that other countries of the world used to chuckle at America’s claims of a God-granted preeminence and predestination to lead the world, but they respected us. 

Today, our claims of God-granted exceptionalism and claims to leadership are scoffed at, when countless key indicators about nations of the world, put America in a state of decline. Anne of Carversville always points those surveys and wonders why politicians of both parties hit the TV airwaves making statements that are clearly false and a source of misinformation to the general public.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett will tell you that America has big problems that go far beyond the federal deficit. Politicians will not. American business benchmarks the business practices of competitors, wherever they are located. Politicians do not.

America does not have the best health care system in the world. We repeat: America does not have the best health care system in the world by every measure of a nation’s health. Yet, politicians — especially Republican politicians state that we do. This is a total falsehood. America is known for having the best advanced health care system in the world for critically ill patients. Period.

The United States spend more on medical care per person than any country in the world, yet our life expectancy is among the lowest of the developed nations. Lack of health insurance is a major factor, contributing to an estimated 45,000 deaths each year, writes National Geographic. (View graph larger)

Why do our politicians not address the nation, with charts like this in back of them? How can any self-respecting politician of either party utter the statement that America has the best health care system in the world? This is laughable, were the results not so tragic for our country.

America spends 18% of GDP on health, compared to 9% for the rest of the developed world. Imagine what we could do with the trillion dollar difference of USGDP to invest in American infrastructure, the education of our children, and other critical needs of American citizens.

Planned Parenthood Ads Working

Planned Parenthood & The Mitt

Planned Parenthood’s anti-Romney ads are considered to be effective, based on new results from Hart Research surveys conducted in West Palm Beach, Fla and Des Moines Iowa, writes Huff Po’s Laura Bassett. Over half of women surveyed in both states remembered the ads (50% in Florida and 55% in Iowa), responding affirmatively to the statement that Mitt Romney is “out of step with my opinions on issues affecting women” by an increase of 11 percent. 

The campaign (view video) launched on May 31, targeted Romney’s record on two key issues: abortion and equal pay. 

Romney, who previously supported Planned Parenthood, is on record saying he will close down the organization. 

In a reality that’s an ad makers dream, women in both states quoted facts and criticisms of Romney from the ad, without referencing Planned Parenthood’s ads.

Three out of five of the most frequently volunteered criticisms of Romney were points specifically highlighted by the ads: his desire to overturn Roe v. Wade, his plan to eliminate Planned Parenthood funding and his stance (or lack thereof) on equal pay.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois Medicaid Investigation

Crain’s reports that the Illinois Medicaid inspector general is investigating the billing practices of Planned Parenthood of Illinois.

he investigation is focused on Dr. Caroline Hoke, who was reimbursed more than $3 million by Medicaid during the state’s 2009 fiscal year. Payments fell to zero by 2011. Planned Parenthood of Illinois CEO Carole Brite calls the inquiry a “routine review” but admits that the organization will have to repay the state.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois was formed by the March 2008 merger of five regional chapters. It now has 18 offices, including nine downstate.

After the merger, Dr. Hoke’s reimbursements rose because DHFS instructed the organization to bill services at all locations under her name, Ms. Brite says. But the agency changed its position, effective February 2009, advising the organization to bill providers separately, she says. The inspector general’s examination began in April 2010, she adds.

“There’s no fraud, no wrongdoing,” Ms. Brite says. “We came to an agreement long ago—we’re just waiting for the final paperwork.”

As Dr. Hoke’s billings have faded, payments have grown to the other providers who use Planned Parenthood’s Chicago headquarters address. In fiscal 2009, those 52 providers were paid $2.8 million, records show. By 2011, the number of providers rose to 62 while payments shot up to $7 million.