Merry Christmas To Stephanie Nielson and the Whole NieNie Family From Not So Secret Admirers

As our totally dysfunctional Congress tries to keep America from careening off the fiscal cliff, I want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to a most wonderful woman and her family. Stephanie Nielson and I probably are an ultimate odd couple, but I respect her and husband Christian so very much. Their love and family values are a great inspiration to AOC readers and myself personally.

In 2008 both Stephanie and Christian were in a terrible plane crash, with Stephanie suffering burns on over 80% of her body. Not only did she survive, but Stephanie gave birth to a new baby girl Charlotte. The process of Stephanie’s healing and learning to live with disfigurement in our vanity-obsessed American culture, has been a topic in our Body channel.

The Nielson’s fantastic marriage is sensually robus and full of merriment. We may disagree politically and on the subject of religion’s impact on women in many ways. But at least for me, there is so much to admire in Stephanie Nielson, that I just had to stop by and share this wonderful Nielson family video for AOC readers.

I heard from Stephanie several months ago and know that she appreciates our desire to share respect and joy over her life and progress. Sending love to Stephanie Nielson and the entire Nielson brood this Christmas season. You can read Stephanie on her famous blog NieNie. ~ Anne