Women As Beans | Republicans Romney & Ryan Make Chili of American Women

I Am Not A Bean

This is an election about choice; surely you have no doubt in your mind about that. Do you choose to believe that the Republican War on Women is real? Or do you just vote for the stud muffins because they make you feel like Cinderella and you have a closet desire to be taken care of?

Don’t be seduced American women. Paul Ryan may have great abs, but he told you at the vice presidential debate that your rights are no more important than those of a bean — a baby bean that is.

You are not anti-life because you believe you are not a bean, and that as a grown woman with or without children, you have a brain — one that hopefully comes with backbone.

Absolutely no one is suggesting that you should use birth control if it causes you a religious conflict. But to support the right of any employer — ANY employer to deny you birth control as part of your insurance package because he finds it morally objectionable is an assault on ALL American women.

Romney & Ryan Believe Women Have NO Rights Under the US Constitution

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan — and the entire Republican party wants to return women to the 1950s, stripping away every right women have won in the workplace and in our rights to control our own reproduction.

Mitt Romney’s adviser on future Supreme Court appointments is Robert Bork. When Ronald Reagan appointed the defeated Robert Bork to the US Supreme Court in 1987, it was widely known that Bork not only opposed Roe v. Wade, but Griswold v. Connecticut, the decision by a Republican Court that granted women access to birth control as a right under the 14th amendment.

Paul Ryan flatly stated at last week’s debate that he doesn’t support 14th amendment Supreme Court decisions that given women expanded rights under the Constitution. His views are the same as Bork’s:

Throughout his career Bork was highly critical of the judicial activism practiced by the Supreme Court in milestone cases involving abortion, affirmative action and civil rights. Bork claimed he was a strict constructionist who would exercise “judicial restraint.” In his view, too many judges (and Supreme Court justices) had been interpreting the intent of the Constitution much too broadly. He opposed the 1965 Supreme Court decision in Griswold v. Connecticut, which established a broad right of privacy that was not stated in the Constitution.  Bork was also a foe of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that gave women the right to have an abortion, calling the decision “a serious and wholly unjustifiable usurpation of state legislative authority.” The courts, he felt, should not thwart the will of the popularly-elected lawmakers, and judges ought not to substitute their values for the “original intent” of the Constitution’s framers. What made Bork dangerous from the liberal perspective was the undeniable fact that he was one of the most astute legal scholars in the country; the American Bar Association (ABA) had given him its highest rating: “exceptionally well-qualified.”

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan agree with Robert Bork and current Supreme Court Justice Scalia that women have NO rights to gender equality, equal pay, or birth control under the US Constitution. Any decisions to give American women any rights must be done through an amendment to the US Constitution or in state legislatures.

Today’s Republican-led state legislatures are striking down every right given to women in the last 50 years. Do you seriously think that women will retain our rights in a Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan administration. The handwriting is on the wall, ladies.

Romney & Ryan Support a Personhood Amendment

Today’s Republicans argue that if the Supreme Court refuses to strike down women’s rights under the 14th amendment, then a fertilized egg must have the same rights under the same 14th amendment.

Not only are American women the equivalent of beans, but also a fertilized, multi-cell hour-old egg. As a woman who has used an IUD for many years, I am now classified as a murder and could be jailed for using this form of birth control.

Women’s Rights Are Not Shiny Objects

The drive to take away women’s rights in America is reaching an epic proportion. But the Romney campaign calls our concerns “shiny objects”. The Republicans want to strip away any federal protections for women — and Romney calls our fears “shiny objects”.

Humans that look like beans, cute little beans, or the freedom for women to make their own decisions. Life’s all about choices after all, who do you want making them for you? A vote for Mitt Romney — and frankly a vote for any Republican anywhere in America — with very few exceptions — is a condemnation of women’s futures.

A Republican vote makes chili of American women, and I’m stunned to see our country on the verge of sending women back to the kitchen where Republicans and especially Catholic bishops believe we belong. If my words don’t shake you up, then watch this video, produced it appears by a group associated with the Catholic Church. I’m investigating now. ~ Anne

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