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Christopher Ketcham’s The Reign of the One Percenters explores income inequality and the alleged death of culture in New York City. New York is the most unequal city in America, where the top 1 percent of households enjoyed 44 percent of income in 2007.

“The One Percenters consist of just 34,000 households, about 90,000 people”, writes Ketcham. “Relative to the great mass of New Yorkers—9 million of us—they’re nobody. We could snow them under in a New York minute.”

UN Climate Talks in Durban South Africa

Environmental activists demonstrate outside the United Nations Climate Change Conference, which continues this week in Durban, South Africa. (Mike Hutchings, Reuters / December 3, 2011)Today’s LATimes writes that environmentalists and other countries now have serious questions about US intentions to cut global emissions and aid developing nations efforts to also do so. Also from NYT, Record Jump in Emissions in 2010, Study finds.

Homosexuals in Nigeria

A new bill that outlaws gay marriage in Nigeria has mobilized the global community.

Wapo writes that criminalizing gay groups and organizatioins could seriously jeopardize millions of dollars of AID-directed foreign aid. Presently Nigeria has the second highest number of people living with AIDS on the continent, according to the United Nations.

It was the British who first banned gay sex, as colonial rulers of Nigeria. While both Christian and Islamic groups support the anti-gay legislation, it’s shuddering to read that in Nigeria’s north. where Islamic Shariah law prevails, gays and lesbians face death by stoning.

After achieving a for-now moratorium on anti-gay legislation in Russia, thanks to a gobal reponse of 250,000 signatures organized by All Out, Anne has now signed a similar petition to legislators in Nigeria. About 12,000 signatures have been organized in the last 24 hours, for a current total of 52,119. Please sign this peition if you believe that even working on behalf of a nonprofit gay organizations should not subject one to 14 years in jail.

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Calling All Castle Creepers

THE DRAWING ROOM at Eastnor Castle near Wales, which brings in nearly $5 million each year from events and other activities. Photo by John Spinks.Living manor born sounds like ‘la dolce vita’. The new WSJ Magazine reminds us that privilege often costs a pretty penny. 

To keep the lights on and hedges trimmed some owners of British estates are now in the lucrative private tours business for history buffs and antiques connoisseurs. In many cases, an overnight stay is part of the consummate luxury experience. Read on Upstairs, Downstairs and In Between.