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In this May 21, 2011 photo, Gloria Cain, left, accompanies her husband Herman Cain as he announces his run for Republican candidate for president in Atlanta. , David Goldman / AP Photo

Today’s Daily Beast takes an in-depth look at the Herman Cain marriage, suggesting that Gloria and Herman Cain have often lived in separate worlds. In the wake of allegations that Herman Cain had a 13-year affair with Ginger White, journalists are digging deep for the dirt that inevitably arises in national politics.

Several people who know the Cain family say Gloria and Herman have even lived in separate residences over the years. “They stayed together for good face. They’re old school where you stay just because. Herman likes to give the appearance of living this holier-than-thou life. But it’s anything but,” says someone close to the family.

From our perspective, the hypocritical arrogance of Herman Cain leaves us thunderstruck in an unfolding national drama that Shakespeare would love.

Ginger White on Lawrence O’Donnell

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Forget Prince Charming, Says DVF

Speaking in Beijing China, American designer Diane Von Furstenberg urged Chinese women to “be strong, with or without a husband.” WSJ writes that DVF, whose feminism-focused book was recently translated into Chinese, urged Chinese women to stop chasing men and start finding their own values.

“I believe all women are strong,” Ms. Von Furstenberg said. “Sometimes they just don’t show it.”

There’s no doubt that Chinese women continue to suffer discrimination and lack of advancement. (What else is new in the world?) But some research suggests that Chinese women aren’t quite as eager to find a husband as WSJ suggests.

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It seems that at age 50, Barbie is reconsidering her single-girl status, at a time when 41% of eliglble Chinese women, average age 30, can’t find a man that pleases them. The study of 2 million respondents was conducted by the the China Association of Marriage and Family Studies (CAMF), the Committee of Match-making Service Industries under the China Association of Social Workers and the, a major Chinese match-making website.

We note separately that new wealth in China brings the return of the concubine.

In modern China’s far more open society, concubines can be seen in the shopping malls and cafés of the cities, especially in the south, where there are thousands of what are known as “er nai” or “second breast”. By some estimates, more than 90 per cent of the country’s most senior officials punished on serious graft charges in the past five years have kept mistresses.