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The New York Times Sunday magazine tees off in Benton Harbor, Michigan, a closed-factories, blue-collar cown that’s suffered tremendously over the last few decades of declining manufacturing and industrial jobs. Today, Benton Harbor is home to an luxe green resort called Harbor Shores with a jewel of a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course that meanders into Lake Michigan.

Written by Jonathan Mahler, author of “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx Is Burning”, with a title Now That the Factories Are Closed, It’s Tee Time in Benton Harbor, Mich you get the drift that this in-depth look at America is a deeply disturbing look at American decay of factories, jobs and civil rights. Can the haves save Benton Harbor, where the democratically-elected government has been replaced by an emergency-manager? And how many other towns and cities across America are in the same condition? Will the Supreme Court rule that state governments don’t have the power to throw out municipally-elected governments, school boards, mayors, taking over America’s towns in the process.

It may be tee time for luxury lovers in Benton Harbor, but the town itself is in deep trouble.

Feminism at Forbes

Forbes Woman asks what feminism means today and is it still relevant? Jenna Goudreau polls women’s rights changemakers from Gloria Steinem and Jane Gonda to Latoya Peterson, 28, editor of the blog Racialicious about what feminism means to them.

Recently USA Today published multiple articles, “Is feminism over the hill?” and “Feminism is evolving for a new generation,” about the complicated relationship young people have with it today.

Small government light bulbs

America’s Tea Party has saved the cheap, inefficient 100-watt incandescent light bulb from a government-enforced phaseout. Energy-efficiency is not a priority but free choice, say lawmakers who included the reversal in the government funding bill. change via Bloomberg

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AOC PC Police

Adriana Lima | Russell James | Donna Karan Spring 2012

Anne was simply livid this weekend, reading Jezebel’s attack dog story about Donna Karan’s Spring 2012 ad campaign, one that we love. Shot by Russell James, the images reflect the heart and soul of the Smart Sensuality woman for whom fashion, style, philanthropy, brains and right intentions must be as integrated a concept as possible. Smart Sensuality = smart, sexy with heart, a triad that has defined Donna Karan’s life and career.

Read the details on Fashonista, where Anne left this comment:

There are “the critics”. And there are people who take action on key global issues and who have dedicated decades of their lives trying to do the right thing with good intentions. I would like to see the Jezebel crew move from being the eternal critics to getting their beautiful female butts on airplanes — as Donna Karan does — and do something for people by actions, good intentions and NOT SEPARATING these issues from the public consciousness, which is the intent of Donna’s ad.

Jezebel performs a service, but they also lay in wait to drive page views by stirring the politically-correct, finding-fault pot week by week. America is pc gone madly insane. Donna Karan can hold her head high — not only on Haiti and this ad campaign— but on a lifetime of dedicated efforts on behalf of people in need. She has one of the most humanitarian hearts and consciousness in the fashion industry.

To see Donna Karan trashed on this topic is nauseating, and I’d like to know what the Jezebel crew actually DOES to help those suffering terribly in the world of the haves and the have nots. Talk is cheap. Let’s see some action from Jezebel beyond dividing us. And the photos are not creepy. They were shot by Russell James who also has a track record of outstanding service advocating for the indigenous people of Australia. Russell James doesn’t do ‘creepy’ photography. His show is back in NYC I believe. Again, we have the critics and those who take action, like Russell James.

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