Anna, Viola & Özlem | Ayten Alpun | Marie Claire Turkey November 2010

We’re switching gears today, expanding the international nature of our Living channel to reflect the fact that Anne of Carversville has truly become an international website with a reach not only deep into Europe, but also into the Middle East and North Africa, where we are stronger than most American websites.

We honor and thank our readers from the Middle East and Africa, and in particular, Egypt and Morocco, where Anne has many friends.

Our hesitation in expanding our editorial coverage in Living, is that we’ve deliberately kept this channel non-political in a website devoted to the expansion of women’s rights internationally.

Introducing this Marie Claire Turkey, Ayten Alpun editorial into Living, we do so admitting that we’re not prepared to write the commentary. Turkey is a Muslim country with only a tiny minority of Christians. So we’re not clear how to interpret this fashion editorial, which is frankly more than a little bit decadent in its Catholic imagery of mystery, seduction and drama with models Anna, Viola, and Özlem as deeply religious yet sensually-tempted women.

In other channels, Anne’s feminism would run rampant on these images. Here, we feel compelled to maintain some decorum. Perhaps fashion milktoast just isn’t our style. Images via FGR

Ironically — if we stop to consider how Anne of Carversville’s international journey into women-speak began, it was in the world of fashion with this story: While the World Debates Burqas, Fashion Designers Show Beautiful Abayas at Paris’s George V Hotel.

Perhaps we should just stop asking questions tonight and go with the flow, trusting our instincts to follow fashion editorial as a common interest among the world’s women. We’d love to hear your thoughts, as we set off for India, China, the Middle East and all ports of call that represent Anne’s great love of all the world’s women.

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Anna, Viola & Özlem | Ayten Alpun | Marie Claire Turkey November 2010

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