L Wren Scott & Mick Jagger Cosy Up in Left Bank Parisian Apartment

Designer L Wren Scott was photographed by Francois Halard in the Paris apartment she shares with Mick Jagger.American Vogue got it right, expressing the view that the Left Bank Parisian apartment of Utah-born designer L Wren Scott, one she shares with decade-long partner Mick Jagger, “is about as far from glitzy rock-star louche as could be imagined—evidence of Scott’s razor-eyed talent for combining iconic mid-twentieth-century furniture, antique treasures, and souvenirs of family life.”

We touched base with Scott and her Parisian perch, after writing ‘Rock On: The Life and Times of Mick Jagger’ over on Sensuality News.

Two new books dish lavishly on Jagger’s life and history.

In a separate piece Stretch and Glide, Vogue quotes the 6’3” designer, now on her third career:

It was Bruce Weber who sent Scott to Paris, back in the eighties. He needed endless legs for a tights campaign; she was a super-tall seventeen-year-old wannabe model from Utah whose pins measured a spectacular 42 inches. After the shoot, he told her not to waste time going to New York: “Just go straight to Paris,” he said. “They’ll ‘get’ you there.” So she went. And they did. She was a runway model for eight years (first show: Chanel couture. “I was like a deer in the headlights. But Karl was so generous”). She worked for Guy Bourdin, who famously put his models through agony, hanging from the ceiling, splayed over furniture. “He’d wait for one girl to break down in tears; then he’d shoot. I just thought, These French guys are so weird.” She was model and muse for Thierry Mugler, who sent her out with eight-inch platforms. That was her first career.

L Wren Scott apartment images by Francois Halard.Wren and Jagger image by AP.