Camille Miceli Ignites Christian Dior Accessories w/Fiery Spirit & Charm

Daniel Riera snaps Camille Miceli, Christian Dior’s Creative Director of Accessories, in her Paris atelier for this NOWNESS interview. Miceli has been responsible for Dior’s costume jewelry line since 2009. Previously, she was head of communications at Louis Vuitton, also playing muse to Marc Jacobs.

Working with materials including Perspex, ceramic, faux pearls, grosgrain ribbon and steel, Miceli’s bold interpretations of the Dior codes reflect her own tough-chic taste, taking cues from girlfriends including gallerist Emmanuelle de Noirmont, Prada’s Mathilde Meyer and photographer Valerie Sadoun: “They are all from different lands, from l’air du temps,” she explains. In advance of NOWNESS’s premiere of the Dior Costume Jewelry film  tomorrow, Miceli shares her love of pearls and breaking the rules.

Speaking of Camille Miceli, Marc jacobs said:

Camille is exuberant, vivacious, and sexy. When we first met, her energy and enthusiasm won my heart. She and her family have brought me up in Paris. Personally and professionally, Camille is a big part of my life.

In earlier statements, Camille Miceli explained that her stint in PR for Louis Vuitton didn’t work so well. After two years, Miceli realized that she didn’t have the character for PR. “I have this Italian side, (which makes me) too frank. If I can’t stand someone, I will tell him, ‘I cannot stand you!’

“I told Marc I wanted to remain creatively involved in the shows but leave the rest of it behind. He said, ‘Of course, but what are we going to call you?’ And then he said, ‘I know what, we’ll call you my muse. Karl has one, Galliano has one. Why not?’” via

Camille attracted major attention in her fine jewelry collaboration Blason, codesigned with hiphop star and producer Pharrell Williams.

Camille has no formal training in design — as is the case with some of the industry’s most talented people. Her father was an art book publisher and Karl Lagerfeld was her mom’s good friend. The Smart Sensuality muse describes herself “hippie et nature,” and decorates her home with themes such as “catastrophisme.” Chaos provides good-friend inspiration for her design perspective.

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Tomorrow we will pick up the new film on Christian Dior accessories for Spring 2012.

For now, AOC friends can enjoy the wonderful Dior Cruise 2012 accessories ad campaign and lookbook, starring Jac Jagaciak and snapped with true joie de vivre by Ellen von Unwerth on Sensuality News.

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