Milo Yiannopoulos & Berkeley Patriots Cry Foul As Free Speech Week Falls Apart Over Incompetence

 Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Former Breitbart editor and style diva Milo Yiannopoulos promised to shake things up in Berkeley -- and hopefully inspire Antifa & friends to confirm every comment Trump has made about them -- with four straight days of conservative thought and luminaries. Billing the event Milo Yiannopoulos's Free Speech Week in Berkeley, all the major press reported that Steve Bannon would be joining Ann Coulter in raising hell on one of America's most liberal campuses. 

UC Berkeley said as late as Friday afternoon that they are prepared to spend more than $1 million for security at the events, bringing in hundreds of police officers from around the Bay Area. Other student leaders say the event is 'off'. 

Uncertainty among the Berkeley Patriot student group working with Yiannopoulos  over whether to proceed with the event came a day after campus police opened a hate crime investigation into the discovery Thursday of posters around campus that named students and faculty as “terrorist supporters,” and of chalk grafitti targeting immigrants, gays and feminists. The posters were distributed by an organization run by David Horowitz, one of the Berkeley Patriot’s featured speakers. The Horowitz group says its mission is to “combat efforts of the radical left and its Islamist allies to destroy American values.”

Free Speech Week is scheduled for Sproul Plaza from Sunday through Wednesday. UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ told The San Francisco Chronicle on Thursday that the law enforcement presence would exceed the number mustered for an appearance Sept. 14 by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. 

Attorneys for the Berkeley Patriot said the group had filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice, claiming not only that the campus “has become downright physically dangerous this past year for conservative students,” and that the UC Berkeley administration has failed to protect the First Amendment rights of those students.

UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof said the “exact opposite” is true. “Never in anyone’s recent memory has so much time, and money been spent to support the First Amendment rights of a student organization. Any reasonable person can see that.”

Gateway Pundit's Lucian Wintrich, founder of 'Twinks for Trump' has withdrawn from the event, saying:

"Currently – I am engaged in a long-running investigative report that is certain to disrupt the MSM propaganda wing and Globalist agenda that has been rampant in Washington, I have a forthcoming book covering the culture wars in America and how the Right can win, along with prep-work for a series of impending campus speeches for a set of college tours. The deadlines and work that needs to be completed on these projects are my current priority."

Charles Murray, who had been listed as a speaker, told the Chronicle of Higher Education that he would never agree to appear anywhere with Yiannopoulos "because he is a despicable asshole," reports Pacific Standard.

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