Artist Mike Mitchell's Nazi-inspired Trump Logo Sums Up Public Sentiment Post Charlottesville


Th art world has joined public condemnation of Donald Trump's comments following the anti-Semitic and racist violence in Charlottesville, Va. The general consensus among Democrats and Republicans, with a strong dose of agreement among moderate Republicans, is that Trump saw the brutality and racism on public display among members of the KKK, neo-Nazis, white nationalists and other tribes on the alt-right as somehow equalized by the actions of counter-protesters. 

The logo created by Austin, Texas-based artist Mike Mitchell has gone viral in the aftermath of Charlottesville. The graphic logo visually condemns the president for his hesitation to speak out against bigotry and domestic terrorism in the US, with a strong innuendo that he promotes white nationalism and neo-Nazism. 

The “NO 45” logo takes the number 45—Trump’s unofficial moniker as the 45th President of the United States—and rotates it to the left by (as it happens) 45 degrees, giving the numeral the appearance of a swastika. It is then superimposed within a red circle and diagonal line that serves as the universal icon of opposition, explains ArtNet. 

“I knew I wanted to take on 45, a number he was clearly proud of as he put it on his dumb red USA hat,” Mitchell says, about designing his logo in February. “I definitely wanted to try and tarnish it.”

Mitchell has succeeded in pushing his logo into social media and social protests. Here's one on a sign last week outside of Trump tower. 


Download the image for personal use here. ArtNet shares another Mitchell design. below. 

By Austin artist Mike Mitchell

By Austin artist Mike Mitchell