Dear Trump: You Can Cherish America's White Nationalist History; I Detest It!

I do not cherish America's white nationalist history, as you said today, Trump . . . that we must cherish "all" our history and all sides are equally guilty in the Charlottesville tragedy. I've lived my life to end America's racist history because it is totally out of sync with my values. White nationalism may be your values, Sir Trump, but not mine. 

NEVER ever once did President Barack Obama incite hatred in America, as you have done -- even trying to undermine his presidency with your birther lies. So don't be dragging him and me, too, into your collective "we" speech that this tragedy today is not about you, or not about Obama. We tower over you in character and our actions are not divisive and hate-filled, as yours have been.

I have never raised a hand against another human being, but your anti-abortion zealots put me in police custody for a year while they hunted me and eventually tried to kill me in a dark night confrontation because I answered a TV interview that "yes, I support Roe."

No progressive police officer picked me up for prostitution in Harlem one summer day, even though I had all my ID and a business card saying I was the manager of the most expensive floor at the Saks Fifth Ave flagship store in New York. Racist cops picked me up, and I sued them and won. 

I walk side by side with the lower crowd below. They are all my people, since I was 15 years old. Hearing the racism in my own family when an African American veterinarian tried to buy the house across the street and one of my parents threatened to sue the builder, I vowed to never follow that path of hate, and I stand in opposition to the racism in America's soul.

We must all stiffen our backbones today and fight these Trump-loving White Nationalists. People of color, women who think, enlightened white men, LGBTQ people, the non-fundamentalist, patriarchy-rejecting wings of every religion -- we must UNITE against pure EVIL!

You represent ALL Americans, Trump, and a white nationalist terrorist incident happened Saturday in Charlottesville, Va USA. Following the lead of ISIS, a white nationalist ran a car into the crowd in a terrorist attack. You run your mouth nonstop about ISIS, Trump. Condemn this terrorist incident in America by your white nationalist supporters -- your Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller crowd -- or do not call yourself my president. ~ Anne

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