O'Reilly Accuser Rebecca Diamond Breaks Silence, Slams Trump

Rebecca Diamond, one of the three previously unreported accusers of Bill O'Reilly featured in this week's earth-shaking expose by the New York Times, fought back by blasting the US president for adding ignorant comments about legal cases in which he knows nothing. Diamond took to her barren Twitter feed for the first time in four years, blasting Trump.

Frankly, men have blindly stood up for men in other sexual harassment or sexual assault cases for thousands of years.  As well over 50 sponsors have fled 'The O'Reilly Show', ratings have risen 14% since the scandal broke almost a week ago. We should not assume that it's only men standing for O'Reilly. As we learned in our recent presidential election, millions of non college-educated white women are all in for the boys club. Hillary carried college-educated women by 10 points but lost badly among white women without a college degree. 

In 2011, according to the Times, Diamond revealed to her Fox bosses that she had secretly recorded conversations with O’Reilly. The conversations were inappropriate enough that she left the network, reportedly bound by a confidentiality agreement, and was paid a settlement of an unknown amount.

“President Trump, the women were forced to settle, not the other way around, because of employment agreements prohibiting court trials,” she explained on Twitter—one of her first posts on the social-media site in nearly four years.

Diamond added: “If you don't believe in settlements, get rid of forced mediation employment agreements and women won't have to settle.”

“President Trump, I have personally met and interviewed three of your children several times while I was a host at Fox Business,” she concluded. “I'm saddened reading your comments. Truly disappointed and vilified all over again.

“Such comments tell women they won't be believed.”