Burgers Not Boobs | Carl's Jr. & Hardees Go Back To Mad Men Days

Trump Labor Secretary candidate Andy Puzder was defeated before Congress, after humiliating testimony about his alleged sexual assaults on his wife became public. Puzder also packed up his bags and left his position as CEO of CKE Restaurants, parent company of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's, home to the infamous Carl's Jr. babes with boobs ads. 

It's not the case that President Trump's pussy-grabbing proclamations of his love and respect for women are the sole reason driving a fresh marketing approach at Carl's Jr. America's fast food industry is losing customers to -- quality food. Indeed, chowing down on babes with boobs may fill one part of a frat boys needs, but it's no longer the whole story. 

Dad is back. The campaign is great but we must remember that dad had a few of his own issues. Think 'Mad Men' and the second wave of feminism.