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Jamilla Hoogenboom Has A Roman Holiday Lensed By Federico Sorrentino For ODDA Magazine

Anne of Carversville finds fashion to be most interesting when studied through the lens of the larger culture of women artists, women's history and women's rights. My personal history is one of kissing the ground when my plane landed in Italy. 

In my role as Fashion Director and Director of Product Development for Victoria's Secret, my travels put me in Italy nearly every month. The ancient history of Italy enveloped me, along with its sensual lens and predominance of Catholicism throughout the country.  This lens of personal experience is embedded in the heart and soul of Anne of Carversville

For the moment I share a recently updated article on Italy's luxury fashion brands, while pull ing together some of AOC's most relevant writings on the impact of Catholicism on me personally and on women's rights worldwide. ~ Anne

Italy's Luxury Brands Lead In Restoring Famous Heritage Sites: Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Rialto Bridge & More AOC Salon