Does Kellyanne Conway Really Live In An Alternate Universe?

Writing for The Atlantic, Molly Ball takes a more serious look at Kellyanne Conway, giving her major credit for articulating the anti-immigration policy that came to dominate the Donald Trump primary and presidential campaigns. 

In 2014, Conway was part of a group of Republicans that produced a poll for, an immigration-advocacy nonprofit founded by Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg. The poll showed that immigration reform was a political necessity for the GOP—a finding that contradicted the line Conway had been pushing since the 1990s. Two months later, Blueberry -- her Secret Service code name -- produced a different poll, demonstrating that “enforcement of current law” and “encouraging illegal immigrants to return to their home countries” could be a winning message. Conway's new findings were rebuffed by Republican donors. But Steve Bannon's far-right wing called it a "blockbuster".