Harvey Weinstein Stiffed Planned Parenthood With No Dough For $100,000 Painting

 Cecily Brown,  Untitled (Young Spartans) , 2015. Courtesy of Planned Parenthood

Cecily Brown, Untitled (Young Spartans), 2015. Courtesy of Planned Parenthood

Scumbag Harvey Weinstein has more in common with Donald Trump every day. Harvey was center stage, pledging $100,000 for a Cecily Brown paining at Planned Parenthood's 100th anniversary May 2017 gala in New York -- with Hillary Clinton as the honored guest.

Like Trump, Harvey gets his big butt in the photo ops and claims the headline but never delivers the dough. What a disgrace!

PP is working to find a new home for the painting at Weinstein's bid. I'll bet I know who that person is -- someone criticized by the Bernie women behind the Detroit women's conference -- for her white privilege, even though she is devoted for decades to art education and classes for America's poor, inner-city children and now prison reform. I'll tell you --whether I'm right or wrong.

Meanwhile, Harvey Weinstein's glib talk of a second chance will fall on deafening silence. The man should crawl on all fours for a week in an art installation monitored by the women he abused and other women leaders. THEN, we'll talk about Harvey Weinstein getting a second chance. 

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