Tina Brown Writes The Inevitable Essay 'What Trump & Harvey Weinstein Have In Common


As deadly new revelations about Harvey Weinstein emerged Tuesday, narrated by Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker, Tina Brown added her voice to the public discussion about Weinstein's personality and sexual escapades -- not reaching the level of accusations of rape.

Tina Brown knows Weinstein well, writes The Hollywood Reporter. Brown engaged in what she described as a "strained collaboration" in 2002 with the short-lived 'Talk' magazine.

In a new article for The New York Times, Brown names the topic many women following his story have considered: 'What Harvey and Trump have in common'. Like Trump, writes Brown, nothing about his outward persona . . . was the truth. "He is very Trumpian in that regard.

Harvey projects himself as a "big, blustery, rough diamond kind of guy" . . . "The real Harvey is fearful, paranoid, and hates being touched (at any rate, when fully dressed). 

Like Trump, winning is a "blood sport. Deals never close." Comparing Weinstein to mafia boss John Gotti, Brown can hear the Hollywood kingmaker saying "So just close it fast, then fuck him later with the subsidiary rights."

"Like all bullies, he folds when he’s faced down and becomes wheedling and sycophantic. His volcanic rage erupts from raw insecurity," concludes Tina Brown, host of the global Women in the World conferences. 

It does feel like women are coming out of the woodwork, refusing to take it anymore: Cosby, Ailes, O'Reilly, Weinstein -- just a partial list of men falling hard. "It's over, except for one," says Tina "-- the serial sexual harasser in the White House."