Review, Respond and the Pursuit of Jewelry Design Perfection

Years ago (AOC is 5 YEARS OLD!!!!!) I did short ‘J’Adore posts as scraps of creative impulses that caught my eye. Pinterest makes it so easy to find these gems. Next I will track down more images.

Mired down in the operational fixes of GlamTribale — like making much more of the jewelry adjustable in order to fit as many women as possible — I turn to images like this one inspired by Omo Tribal Body Paint of Ethiopia — to keep me inspired.

It’s so important with any new concept to observe the customer’s relationship with a product. Just four hours in Lancaster, PA on July 22 made me see a host of jewelry development issues that we weren’t dealing with — especially tied to sizing.

Yesterday I sat with Cat and Z, while we all tried on the same necklace. It fit us all so differently!!!

It will take us until the end of the week so make all these changes to the products and get the new photography on the website.  We will extend our 30% discount preview period to September 1 to compensate for the fact that I haven’t even sent out a press release on GlamTribale until these fit issues are fixed.

Only a perfectionist throws out 30% of her designs and remakes another 40% of her products. My 10 years at Victoria’s Secret — lastly as head of product development and then the fashion director — taught me the art of design refinement and quality control.

I can’t bear the thought that friends of AOC are anything less than thrilled to the max with our GlamTribale jewelry, wearing it with passion because of our brand mission and approach to doing business. Thanks everyone for your patience while we “get it right” during the preview period.~ Anne