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Women's News Headlines

Meet the Woman Opening an Abortion Clinic in Anti-Choice Oklahoma Rolling Stone

This Is the Best Major For Every Wannabe CEO Fortune

When Will the Internet Be Safe for Women? The Atlantic

Ethics and the Eye of the Beholder BuzzFeed

Has Celebrity feminism failed? The Guardian

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Has Released a Sex Issue Slate

Gloria Steinem Says Her Comments on Bernie Sanders and 'Boys' Were Taken Out of Context TIME

Ellen Pao, Freada Kapor Klein and others form tech diversity and inclusion war room Techcrunch


State-Mandated Mourning for Aborted Fetuses The Atlantic

Aborted fetuses in Indiana, nearly all of them smaller than a 'peapod' must now be buried or cremated, 'laid to rest in the way of a human'.

This is dangerous terrain in the drive for 'personhood' status, legislation that equates the rights of an embryo with those of its mother -- or 'incubator' as she is often called.

Hospitals and centers like Planned Parenthood are responsible for the costs of disposing of the remains of these 'peapods'.

Abortion rates in North America and Europe are now at 30-year lows VOX

Three takeaways from this huge Lancet study:

* Countries where abortion is illegal don't have lower abortion rates.

* Married women have higher abortion rates than unmarried women.

* Abortion rates vary hugely by country.

Oklahoma legislature passes bill making it a felony to perform abortions The Washington Post


French Politics Rocked by Sexual-Harassment Probe Wall Street Journal

French prosecutors are investigating charges that French politician Denis Baupin regularly groped women and sent them sexually explicit text messages.

Mr. Baupin's own wife, Housing Minister Emmanuelle Cosse is chaught in the crossfire wanting, to support a group of 17 politicos including IMF Chief Christine Lagarde in speaking our against 'machisno' in the French political class.

"This time, it's too much," they wrote in a 'Statement Against Sexism'. "The omertà and the code of silence are no longer possible".

There was the DSK affair," the women wrote, "the 'Keep your paws off!' open letter from women political journalists and now four women politicians accusing Denis Baupin of sexual harassment and assault.

"This concerns every party at every level of power," the letter affirms. Read the entire letter in English on VOX.


Is Fear Of Competition To Blame For The Gender Leadership Gap? Fast Company

New research from the University of Michigan indicates that for women, smaller is better when it comes to the size of the group when they must compete. Unlike men, women tend to take themselves out of the applicant pool for a job if some kind of competition is involved.

"The gender difference in preferences may in part explain pay gaps and the underrepresentation of women in particular fields or at the helm of large organizations," Kathrin Hanek, the study's lead author, said in a statement.

President Tsai pledges to write new chapter for Taiwan Taiwan Today

Ms. Tsai Ing-wen vowed at her inauguration today as the first woman president of Taiwan to make Taiwan an "indispensible partner for the international community" in matters of trade, preventing further global warming and climate change, humanitarian aid, disease prevention and research, a regional peacekeeper and member of the fight against global terrorism. 


Sheryl Sandberg Admits Leaning In Is Harder Than She Originally Thought Slate

There's a huge gender pay gap for STEM careers -- just one year after graduation VOX

20 percent of the STEM career pay gap is due to the fields women and men choose to study. "Women go into biomedical fields, and men go into engineering, math, and computer science," he says. The biomedical fields pay less. Women work more often in academia or government than in private industry, which is more lucrative.

Married women with children in STEM seem to be paid less. A single woman and single man in the same field have no pay gap.


What Is Happening in Brazil? Slate

{Quote}: "Last week, Brazil’s Congress suspended the country’s president, Dilma Rousseff, for budgetary improprieties, throwing Brazil into further chaos after an already tumultuous year of political scandals. Rousseff, who now faces an impeachment trial, has been accused of budgetary maneuvers that her defenders say are within the norms of Brazilian politics; they have also referred to the congressional moves against her as a coup. (Rousseff, who is from the center-left, was tortured by the right-wing military dictatorship in the 1970s; the new president, Michel Temer—himself recently found guilty of campaign finance violations—is a right-winger.) What no one disputes is that large numbers of both Rousseff’s supporters and her opponents in Congress are facing mountains of corruption charges."


Harvard is finally cracking down on its exclusive, sexual assault-prone final clubs VOX

Taking one of the only action avenues open to them, Harvard announced that members of the school's six all-male 'final clubs' would no longer be eligible to run student clubs, be recommended for fellowships, or captain sports team.

Surprise! Frat Bro Comment Sections Are Teeming with Misogyny Slate

{Quote}: "One TFM member offered a theory as to why young men morph into Tom Cruise’s character in Magnolia when they gather in single-gender groups, as they do in fraternities and the TFM comment section: sexism against men and racism against white people. “I think we feel like in a society that is currently trying to knock males, especially white males down a peg, this is a way we can all go to try to maintain our masculinity that in the ’70s and ’80s was so prevalent but now we’re being told is wrong to have,” he told Pierson. “I think we feel it’s natural, biologically, to ogle girls … and [TFM] is a place where we can let that out.”'




DNA Research explains Giraffes' Long Necks As Global Population Plummets 40% GLAMTRIBALE

If elephants are threatened by an international demand for ivory, giraffes are threatened with extinction because of the local market for 'bush meat' and demand for skins in the luxury market. Not all species of giraffes are equally threatened.
A single Kordofan giraffe can produce up to 270 kilograms of meat, enough to feed an army of poachers for weeks, according to experts. Its unique and distinctive spotted skin is used for luxury goods and carries a high price in a country like the Congo where per capita income is less than $230.


Burning the Ivory Is Just the Beginning The Guardian

GLAMTRIBALE has written extensively about Kenya's burning of confiscated ivory worth over $105 million. Inspite of heavy rains and gloomy skies, the burning went off without a hitch at the end of April.

Writers Jonathan and Angela Scott reflect on a lifetime of interest and involvement in elephant conservation and the ivory trade in Kenya. They witnessed Kenya's first ivory burn in July 1989, when Kenya's elephant population had plummeted from 160,000 in the 1960s to less than 20,000.

Richard Leakey, who will be played by Brad Pitt in director Angelina Jolie's upcoming movie 'Africa', is described as "without question one of the most courageous people I've ever met, prepared to speak up while others remain silent, to put his life on the line for the sake of his principles."



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