Women's News Headlines

The Real Reason You'll Never Be Able to Parent Like a French Mom New York Magazine

What Do Pro-Lifers Do Now? The Daily Beast

Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Restrictions New York Times

Why Women (Sometimes) Don't Help Other Women The Atlantic

Casual Sex: Everyone Is Doing It: The New Yorker

Read Sonia Sotomayor's Atomic Bomb of a Dissent Slamming Racial Profiling and Mass Imprisonment Slate

Jessica Valenti and Lindy West Reveal Feminism's Growing Pains TIME

The Woman Card The New Yorker

Actress Anne Hathaway named as goodwill ambassador to promote women's rights Reuters

The Plight of Conservative Feminists The Atlantic

Women Take Over the Family Farm The Atlantic


The Military Used to Get Rid of Rape Victims by Claiming They Were Mentally Ill Slate

AOC has written previously about a bias against military women who are sexual assault survivors. Simply stated, the military woman must be crazy.


Harvard Business Review Says Most Millennial Men Aren't Feminists. This is a Surprise? Slate

If you believe that millennial men are on board and committed to gender equality, think again writes HBR.  In reality, millennial men can be just as sexist as their dads and -- brace yourself -- more so. 

New surveys confirm that millennial men are less likely than other groups to feel comfortable with women in leadershp roles. They also believe that gender equality exists in the workplace. 

Over half of millennial men MBAs surveyed said they expected that their own careers would take precedent over their wives' career. No leaning in there. 

A Harvard Graduate School of Education Survey of 20,000 high school students found that 47% of of teen boys preferred male over female leaders. And so did 23% of young women. I doubt they are all Republicans. Read my earlier post: Was Gloria Right? Do Young Women Prefer Male Leadership? 




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Can better access to water aid women's rights in Africa? Christian Science Monitor

A new international study of 24 sub-Saharan African countries confirms the dangerous reality that the work of collecting water is disproportionately done by women.

A container of water typically weighs between 40 and 55 pounds. Burdened by the weight, females are also exposed to dangerous risks of sexual assault in hauling water over long distances.

Water collection keeps girls out of school and women away from gainful employment to increase personal and national economic productivity.


The World's Most Powerful Women in 2016 Forbes

In total, women's progress in business and leadership has been disappointing 

Even though America holds a deplorable rank of about #90 in electing women to political office, since 2005, the number of women who are world leaders -- presidents or heads of state more than doubled in a decade. 

The Forbes 100 list is led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, followed by Hillary Clinton.








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DNA Research explains Giraffes' Long Necks As Global Population Plummets 40% GLAMTRIBALE

If elephants are threatened by an international demand for ivory, giraffes are threatened with extinction because of the local market for 'bush meat' and demand for skins in the luxury market. Not all species of giraffes are equally threatened.
A single Kordofan giraffe can produce up to 270 kilograms of meat, enough to feed an army of poachers for weeks, according to experts. Its unique and distinctive spotted skin is used for luxury goods and carries a high price in a country like the Congo where per capita income is less than $230.