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Venus Williams, Off the Court New York Times

Venus Williams became a professional tennis player in 1994 at age 14. Venus has seven Grand Slam singles events on her victory belt and 14 more in women’s doubles, won with her sister Serena, 34. Venus, with five Wimbledon singles titles wins, became the first African-American woman in 2002 to "earn the world’s top ranking in tennis since the onset of the open era in the late 1960s."

In 2011, her tennis career slowed, as Venus Williams battled injuries and Sjogren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that results in joint pain and sometimes crushing fatigue. Under assault from the vagaries of life, Williams withdrew from the second round of the United States Open.

But she has regained momentum. . .

Ohio's Abortion Restriction Actually Made Women Less Safe Study Shows US News

Apple Must Pay Billions for Tax Breaks In Ireland, EU Orders New York Times

How Big Alcohol Is About to Get Rich Off California Weed Politico Magazine

51 Contemporary Artists, but Just Three Women New York Times

The Coddling of the American Mind The Atlantic

Why Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke's Photoshop Free Lingerie Shoot Matters

Breaking Into Baseball's Ultimate Boys' Club The Atlantic

Apple, GM Join White House Initiative to Address Gender Pay Gap Bloomberg Politics

Why Aren't US Police Departments Recruiting More Women? The Atlantic


Why Your Next Safari Should Be in Zimbabwe Conde Nast Traveler

We travel to Zimbabwe's 130,000-acre Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve Backed by a grant from an American philanthropist, Malilangwe hasn't lost an elephant or rhino to poachers in seven years.

Hotel Intel: Paris Perfect Paste

Paris Perfect rentals has apartments all over Paris that are perfect for groups, families or a woman of means. Now six special apartments are located at 25 Place Dauphine  Île de la Cité. 

Betye Saar Shows 'Uneasy Dancer' at Fondazione Prada Opening Sept 15-2016 AOC GlamTribale


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Can We Support Venice Before It's Too Late? New York Times

Tourism is tearing apart Venice’s social fabric, cohesion and civic culture, growing ever more predatory. The number of visitors to the city may rise even further now that international travelers are avoiding destinations like Turkey and Tunisia because of fears of terrorism and unrest.

Urban Agriculture and the New Meaning of Eating Local Vogue

New York is alive with a vibrant crop of city farms, rooftop gardens and futuristic urban greenhouses. Annie Novak drops her rake to showcase her Eagle Street Rooftop Farm. 

Enjoy Big Sur from the private deck and outdoor fire pit of your own Autonomous tent at TreeBones Resort. This is 500 sq ft of off-the-grid luxurious living. 


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Women's News Features


'I'd like to thank my beautiful daughter! Beyonce slays the MTV VMAs with Video of the Year win . . . after incredible 16-minute Lemonade performance Daily Mail

Four of America's five gold-medal winning Olympic gymnasts hugged 'Lemonade' MTV VMAs winner Beyonce on Sunday night. Teammate Gabby Douglas could not attend due to a medical issue. The faces of Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Madison Kocian and Laurie Hernandez all beamed as they hugged the Lemonade megastar. Beyonce won two of the highest honors at Sunday night's MTV VMAs, winning Video of the Year and Best Female Video.  Her achievements propelled her ahead of Madonna in most career wins. Bey was introduced by Serena Williams, who redefined the little black dress. Williams opens at the New York Open tennis tournament today. Read her weekend in-depth from the NYT. 

Not a Love Story: Megyn Kelly & FOX

After Ailes, FOX News Has A New Crisis: Can It Keep Megyn Kelly? Vanity Fair

Kelly is the most prized anchor in cable news at the moment. When word circulated around the newsroom that Kelly had spoken with the Murdochs, “everyone got nervous all over again,” according to one staffer, suggesting that she might be preparing to leave. It turns out that Kelly has spoken multiple times with all of the Murdochs, and has spent the most time with Lachlan, who has been in close touch with her throughout the whole Ailes imbroglio, according to a person familiar with the matter. “Lachlan was the one who talked to her throughout this entire ordeal,” this person added. But both brothers are aligned in their desire to keep the broadcaster, this person added. “James loves Megyn. He believes she’s a big part of the future of this channel.”

Besides a ratings hit, FOX News will look like a crumbling empire if Kelly leaves. She is without a doubt the 'it' girl in cable news. The Ailes sexual harassment scandal has given her additional leverage. “If I’m her agent, I’m thinking ka-ching,” writes Vanity Fair. The L.A. Times says that Kelly makes around $10 million a year at Fox News, and is in a strong position to double that when her current contract expires in July 2017. This salary would put her more in line with her in-house rival and nemesis Bill O’Reilly.

The enmity between these two mega-watt personalities is palpable. O’Reilly, whose contract is also up in 2017,  sided with Trump throughout his public battle with Kelly. Rupert Murdoch knows and likes O’Reilly. His sons, however, reportedly are not fans. If O’Reilly stays, that may be a reason for Kelly to go.