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Nate Parker Talks Rape Allegation and Male Privilege in New Interview Vanity Fair

Nate Parker, the director of 'Birth of a Nation' has been silent about the decades-old rape case from his student days at Penn State. The case is complicated by the fact that the alleged victim committed suicide in 2012. Parker broke his silence on Friday in an interview with Ebony.

“To be honest,” he said at a screening of his film at the Merge Summit, “my privilege as a male, I never thought about it. I’m walking around daring someone to say something or do something that I define is racist or holding us back, but never really thinking about male culture and the destructive effect it’s having on our community.”

In a truly rare example of the male mind connecting dots, Parker continued: “All I can do is seek the information that’ll make me stronger, that’ll help me overcome my toxic masculinity, my male privilege, because that’s something you never think about,” he said elsewhere. “You don’t think about other people. It’s the same thing with white supremacy. Trying to convince someone that they are a racist or they have white privilege–if it’s in the air they breathe and the culture supports them, sometimes they never have to think about it at all. I recognize as a man there’s a lot of things that I don’t have to think about. But I’m thinking about them now... I’m trying to transform behaviors and ideas that have never been challenged in certain ways in my life. I’m not the kid that I was at 19.”

Meet the Woman Behind Women's Equality Day TIME

On Aug. 26, 1970, 50,000 women marched down New York City’s Fifth Avenue in an undeniable display of the strength of second-wave feminism. They were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which granted American women the right to vote, but they were also protesting the limits and expectations placed on American womanhood, demanding changes to childcare and abortion policies and education and employment opportunities. Many abandoned their usual domestic duties for the day, with spiritual sisters across the country staging sit-ins and takeovers of all-male bars.
One year to the day after the Women’s Strike for Equality March, Congress passed a resolution designating Aug. 26 as Women’s Equality Day, and 45 years later, the day continues to be a moment to reckon with how far women’s rights have come, and how far they have yet to go.

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Apple, GM Join White House Initiative to Address Gender Pay Gap Bloomberg Politics

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Nate Parker's Alleged Sins Won't Keep Me From Seeing 'The Birth of a Nation' The Daily Beast

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Painter Romaine Brooks Challenged Conventions In Shades of Gray NPR

Twentieth century painter Romaine Brooks painted androgynous women and "depicted nudes so melancholy they'd make Renoir's pinky ladies weep" Her work is currently on view at the American Art Museum.

Hotel Intel: Paris Perfect Paste

Paris Perfect rentals has apartments all over Paris that are perfect for groups, families or a woman of means. Now six special apartments are located at 25 Place Dauphine  Île de la Cité. 

Betye Saar Shows 'Uneasy Dancer' at Fondazione Prada Opening Sept 15-2016 AOC GlamTribale


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Women's News Features

La Perla Has a New Creative Director and a Surprising New Approach to Ready-to-
Wear Vogue

One of the world's most luxurious lingerie brands as a new creative director. La Perla remains best known for its glamorous bras, panties, corsets and slip dresses, but Julia Haart wants to reformulate the brand's ready-to-wear offering.

“What we’re trying to do with this ready-to-wear collection is to bring something newer to the market. I think women want a new choice, and what I mean by that is I think women have been told their entire lives that you have to suffer for beauty. Well, I don’t believe in that, and I would like to give women a new choice,” she began. “I thought about all the things that bother me about clothing, like those pieces that you just have so much difficulty finding that I would call the essentials of any woman’s wardrobe, and that’s what I geared this collection toward. I thought of the items that I had a hard time finding or that never fit well, like a white button-down shirt that stays and doesn’t move, isn’t cut for a man or is too tight—just those simple basics!”

Haart's vision has elements of Donna Karan's original philosophy -- granted not the perfect white shirt -- but a sense that women can be sensual in a suit.

“I love that La Perla has this sexy, sensual kind of image, and I certainly would never want to change La Perla’s DNA. My idea is that you can embrace your femininity and it doesn’t have to be only in your undergarments. If you’re wearing a suit, a dress, it should be molded to a female form while still being professional, beautiful, chic, elegant—one does not negate the other,” she said.

Haart is such a believer in comfort that she developed proprietary arch molds for hiding gel insoles inside her sexy heels.

After Ailes, FOX News Has A New Crisis: Can It Keep Megyn Kelly? Vanity Fair

Kelly is the most prized anchor in cable news at the moment. When word circulated around the newsroom that Kelly had spoken with the Murdochs, “everyone got nervous all over again,” according to one staffer, suggesting that she might be preparing to leave. It turns out that Kelly has spoken multiple times with all of the Murdochs, and has spent the most time with Lachlan, who has been in close touch with her throughout the whole Ailes imbroglio, according to a person familiar with the matter. “Lachlan was the one who talked to her throughout this entire ordeal,” this person added. But both brothers are aligned in their desire to keep the broadcaster, this person added. “James loves Megyn. He believes she’s a big part of the future of this channel.”

Besides a ratings hit, FOX News will look like a crumbling empire if Kelly leaves. She is without a doubt the 'it' girl in cable news. The Ailes sexual harassment scandal has given her additional leverage. “If I’m her agent, I’m thinking ka-ching,” writes Vanity Fair. The L.A. Times says that Kelly makes around $10 million a year at Fox News, and is in a strong position to double that when her current contract expires in July 2017. This salary would put her more in line with her in-house rival and nemesis Bill O’Reilly.

The enmity between these two mega-watt personalities is palpable. O’Reilly, whose contract is also up in 2017,  sided with Trump throughout his public battle with Kelly. Rupert Murdoch knows and likes O’Reilly. His sons, however, reportedly are not fans. If O’Reilly stays, that may be a reason for Kelly to go.