Anna Ewers For H&M Studio Leads Glam Explorers To Sedona's Woolly Mammoth Country

Anna Ewers by Lachlan Bailey for H+M Studio (2).jpg

H&M Studio’s spring summer 2019 collection is inspired by the ‘glam explorer’. Sounds like my own GlamTribal collection to me. Lachlan Bailey captures top model Anna Ewers in Sedona, in advance of H&M’s post-Paris Fashion Week Fall 2019 presentation. March 11-13.

This is one strategy for making the post fall 2019 collections fashion press a captive audience, ready for some R&R in Georgia O’Keeffe country. Not only will the fashion pack breathe some fresh, feminist artist Sedona air. They will be in woolly mammoth country, a topic near and dear to my heart.

In 1997 the Chandler, Arizona museum examined the stunning discovery of the remains of the ice age creature in a newly dug sewer ditch. “City officials stopped work and called in the experts: scientists from nearby Arizona State University,” the article read. “Brad Archer, the curator of the University’s Museum of Geology confirmed the find: a woolly mammoth — and quite well preserved.”

In 1985, Chandler had a similar find about a mile from the new site, creating expectations that the area might have been a “kill site” where humans hunted mammoths for food more than 10,000 years ago. Evidence of long-ago human activity had been found in Tucson at the time, but not around Phoenix.

GlamTribal has the most unique and beautiful Woolly Rising collection of woolly mammoth bone jewelry in the world.

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