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A 20" necklace from GLAMTRIBALE rests on the collarbone of the average woman. You will see chain only-necklaces say that their 18" necklace rests on the collarbone. Each necklace must account for the size of beads that affect where length hits on the typical body.

Larger beads decrease length compared to a fine chain. Anne is 5'8", a size 10 and has a large-boned 7.5" wrist. A 20" GLAMTRIBALE necklace sits comfortably on her collarbone.

Many of our necklace are available in custom lengths. A larger woman would prefer 22" or 24" as her shorter length. We do not recommend 20" via Internet. Definitely a 24" length should fit any woman beautifully, even though it begins to be impacted slightly by breast size.


A 24" necklace from GLAMTRIBALE rests in the center chest, at the top of the average woman's cleavage, compared to a 30" that hits the base of her chest cavity and cleavage. A chain or leather necklace that's 24" length will rest beautifully at the top of an shirt worn unbuttoned to her cleavage.

Many of our pendants come in sizes 24", 30" and 32".  All length measurements are for the beads around the neck. Then you add the pendant length for total length. A 24" pendant will place the pendant itself resting into the V between a woman's breasts. This is a very attractive length for the more dramatic pendants and looks great on sweaters on dresses with no adornment. You won't see the pendant worn with a shirt, unless it's worn open with a tee underneath.