The GlamTribal Modern Origins Collection Is A Fresh Take On Ancient History

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The GlamTribal Modern Origins Collection meets the needs and design attitudes of more sophisticated and also younger customers. The use of rubber tubing and stainless steel magnetic closures are new for us, and I’m admittedly surprised over how fresh they look against the positively ancient woolly mammoth beads. An entire new collection is in the works, anchored in all the existing GlamTribal concepts but now more modern and also androgynous. Many of the pieces will be designed with men in mind — although I can see many guys wearing this necklace in a heartbeat.

While the rubber looks fabulous imo, it’s always our goal to create jewelry that’s as sustainable as possible. Our working baseline is 75-80%% earth-friendly recycled components and/or hand-crafted with only earth-friendly materials — our decoupage beads, for example. We are working on importing eco-friendly cork from Portugal as one alternative tubing, and there may be possibilities in bamboo. We will also source the necklace in 100% sterling silver components in the next 30 days.

The story of these two necklaces NS280 Modern Origins Woolly Mammoth Tribal Necklace w/Earrings, and PS281 Modern Origins Woolly Mammoth Silk+Bond Pendant w/Earrings, developed in early March 2019 is quite special.

Frequently waking up in the middle of the night, connecting dots around human origins and the many examples of coincidences that have dominated my life always, I’m accustomed to surprises and even occasional interventions. The goddesses seemed to be speaking to me last weekend, when an image on National Geographic or the Smithsonian caught my eye, taking me on an unexpected digital journey to Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, a key source of GlamTribal’s inspiration.

My historical guide in the Omo Valley as always been Hans Silvester and his 2009 book ‘Natural Fashion, along with my extensive reading about this endangered community in southern Ethiopia’. This time, I was in the company of an entirely new photographer Mario Gerth, who introduced me to members of a different tribe — the Arbore women — leaving me thunderstruct with the serendipity between this necklace and its companion and Gerth’s photography.

Read the entire article about the beauty that binds us all. For me, it’s not class, or money, or college degrees or business titles — but the creative impulse and human capacity to appreciate natural beauty that glues me to people and places around the globe. ~ Anne A Jewelry Design Journey From Fashionable Omo Valley Arbore Women To Mario Gerth To INIVA Miami