African Violet 6" Art Tile + Africa+Italy Coasters

ATViolets TC2-Pink Flower Lady A2.jpg
ATViolets TC2-Portofino-Butterfly A.jpg
ATViolets TC2-Pink Flower Lady A2.jpg
ATViolets TC2-Portofino-Butterfly A.jpg

African Violet 6" Art Tile + Africa+Italy Coasters

from 30.00


* 6”sq x 3/8” travertine ceramic art tile from Turkey w set of 4 or 2 4" sq. x 3/8"boho matching tiles.

A- Art Tile African Violets + 4 Coasters Africa + Italy Entwined

B- Art Tile African Violets + 2 Coasters Artichokes Lady

C- Art Tile African Violets + 2 Coasters Portofino Butterfly

* Decoupaged twice to seal

* Image printed on highest-quality art canvas, then decoupages

* Finished tile varnished twice withh eco-friedly finish on top and sides

* Not dishwasher safe; to clean wipe with damp cloth. Safe to 180-degrees.

* Handcrafted in America: natural variations and minor substitutions.

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GlamTribal is offering these splendid coasters and art tiles at reduced prices as part of our environment-friendly move to cork-backed (or bamboo) gifts. All coasters and art tile combos are shipped free to US customers — and the weight is an issue. We cannot fix this ‘problem’ for European, Canadian and other international customers. The shipping is expensive, one more reason to get to cork and/or bamboo.

All coasters and art tiles exist and will be shipped within 36 hrs. Orders received after 8pm New York time will be processed the next day.

US Customers

US customers, none of these instructions apply to you, as your gifts are shipped free USPS First Class Mail.

USPS Priority Mail is available at checkout at a flat rate of $7 plus $2 per item. Note that sets are 1 item, not 2-5 items, depending on set size.

The 6” tile sets must go in a medium Priority Mail box and we are just absorbing the difference to streamline this process for customers. 4 coasters in the burlap gift bag fit in the small Priority Mail Box. The medium box easily holds the 5 piece or 3 piece art tile-coaster sets. And you can double the contents at the same shipping price in the medium box, only paying for each item. One medium Priority Mail box per customer transaction.

Example: US Priority Shipping Cost for A) 1 set of 4 coasters + art tile ($35) and B) 1 set of 4 coasters ($25) and C) 1 set of 2 coasters + art tile ($30) and D) 1 set of 2 coasters ($15) is $7 plus $8 (4 sets x $2) or $15.

Although the sets have different images, they are very compatible and many customers order multiple sets with different images to have 8-12 coasters and one of two art tiles in different designs. The tiles are great for holding a bottle of wine (or two) or a wine bucket as part of the celebration.

International Customers

For our international friends, GlamTribal is trying hard to share the shipping pain with you by reducing the retails overall and averaging international shipping costs to reflect the benefit US customers receive w/free shipping. We will also provide additional ideas week of !0-6-2019 to help prorate shipping costs.

Note that no package can be shipped USPS First Class International that weighs over 4 lbs. So that is the limit in any shipment box. We do have one International Priority Mail option at $70 for the medium size box.

Countries currently covered in international shipping plan include: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Virgin Islands (British), Virgin Islands (U.S.) If your country is not on this list and your purchase is $30 or more, please message me and we will calculate a shipping estimate for you.

The international shipments to countries listed are calculated by weight. And the pkg weight stops at 4 lbs. If an order will exceed that limit, please message me, and we will calculate a shipping estimate for you. We’ve set an absurd $$$ over 10 lbs to protect GlamTribal.

Over 4 lbs the shipping rates require another means of transportation beyond USPS International First Class Mail — or we must ship in two boxes. We will look for the cheapest, safest way to ship in our estimate of orders over 4 lbs. Or you can simplify your life and split the order at checkout. You will see a 4-10 lb box at $70, representing one medium box International Priority Mail shipment. Beyond that, you must split the shipments or get a quote from us.

International Shipping Rates are:

0-8 oz. $10.00 (Note that most of the jewelry travels at $10, but none of the coasters.) Travertine coasters are solidly beautiful little arts pieces, but they are weighty.

9 oz. - 32 oz (2 lbs) $15.00

33 oz - 48 oz (3 lbs) $25.00

49 oz - 64 oz (4 lbs) $35.00

65 oz - 160 oz (10 lbs) $70.00 — Note that this order will be shipped International Priority Mail in a medium box.

Weights for the different sets. Note that these are shipping weights w/the box, the system cannot handle unpkg weights, which is why 4 coasters doesn’t weight 2 x 2 coasters.

2 coasters $15 — weight is 1.35 lbs.

4 coasters $25 — weight is 2.5 lbs

2 coasters 1 art tile $30 — weight is 2.75 lbs.

4 coasters 1 art tile $35 — weight is 3.75 lbs.

If you have any other questions about shipping an order, please message me, and we will do everything possible to get these beautiful coasters and art tiles into your hands, or the recipient of your wonderful gift. ~ Anne