Zogby Poll | America's Partisan Divide on Israel

HopeTracker| A new Zogby Poll reveals that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is caught up in the same partisan divide that’s impacting other issues in America. If the Democrats retain power in America, then Israel had best put a woman in charge, because Democrats are thoroughly disgusted with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

On the other hand, Republicans love him. It’s a partisan crap shoot for Mr. Netanyahu.

When it comes to Democrats and Independents, his problems go far beyond President Obama. We believe the strong views will increase because many untraditional commentators like Anne of Carversville are committed to entering the conversation.

For too long the Israeli-Palestinian conflict hasn’t been perceived as a problem for America’s national intersts. This is the greatest change in the American viewpoint.

Eighty-one percent of U.S. citizens say the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has hurt their country’s interests, according to a new poll, although a sharp partisan divide increasingly frames the issues.

Beyond the strong belief that America is negatively dragged into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Democrats and Republicans agree on little else.

Only 20% of Democrats view Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu favorably versus 84% of Republicans. Low numbers of Americans continue to view the Palestinians positively and there’s a slight erosion since the last poll.

A plurality or slight majority agreed with the statements that, ‘Israel’s settlement construction in the Occupied Territories is wrong,’ ‘It’s time for the U.S. to ‘get tough’ with Israel ‘to stop building settlements,” and the U.S.’s ‘…inability to prevent Israel’s settlement expansions makes the U.S. less respected in the world.’ via Global Issues

• Fourteen percent of Democrats, 62 percent of Republicans and 34 percent of Independents say Israel has a right to build on land in the Palestinian West Bank.

• Overall support for Israeli construction in the West Bank was 34 percent. Forty percent of respondents believe that settlements should be torn down.

• Sixty-three percent of Democrats, 13 percent of Republicans and 40 percent of independents agree with the statement that the U.S. should ‘get tough with Israel and attempt to stop expansion.’ via Global Issues