Zeltiq Freezes Body Fat To Sculpt Perfection in Women's Bodies

Body|Beauty|Culture We admit that the melting flab ‘craze’ by freezing it got away from us. Today’s Daily Mail UK wises us up to Zeltiq, a body-sculpting procedure that uses a cooling method called cryolipolysis to target, chill and break down fat cells.

New York dermatologist Dr David Goldberg, who was involved in the clinical trials of Zeltiq, says that just one treatment is capable of destroying up to 25 percent of the fat cells in a ‘problem’ area. The current focus of Zeltiq is on tightly-managed fat areas like love handles. The technical experts are hard at work at technology for larger areas like our derrieres.

This advancement comes at a time when an ample butt is becoming a fashion statement, so the body-sculpting doctors can team up with fashionistas to determine just which message that want to send to women: big butt or small butt. Just don’t put women in a revolving door, please, because we can crazy and tempermental.

Further researching Zeltiq on the American Health & Beauty website, you can see before and after photos of Zeltiq. Noting the website’s tag line Be Healthy * Be Fit * Be Beautiful, we just want to remind women that an hourglass figure is medically healthier for women. If you’re considering shaving off your derriere for health reasons, don’t.

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