Youth Support Dwindles for Democrats

HopeTracker| The Pew Research Center advises the nation that Democrat youth support is dwindling. Young people 18-29 aren’t looking to Repulicans for action. Normally more disengaged in politics anyway, the enthusiasm that President Obama harnassed has evaporated.

According to the Pew survey, large numbers of young adults said they personally liked the president but were dissatisfied with his rate of progress in changing Washington, such as improving the economy and fixing health care. Just 46 percent of 18-to-29 year olds said they believed Obama had changed Washington, compared to 48 percent who said he had not. Only baby boomers were more cynical, with 52 percent saying Obama had not changed the way things work in Washington.

In addressing why change hadn’t come with the Obama presidency, about 56 percent blaming the president’s opponents and special interests; only 30 percent said Obama was the one at fault for not trying hard enough. via Huffington Post.