You're Not Crazy | Internet Is Slowing Down

FutureTracker| It’s hard to believe that only five years ago, builders of Internet infrastructure were bidding for customers. Having invested billions of dollars in building, communications companies were waiting for customers and handed out flat-rate plans that worked.

Today the Internet is slowing to a snail’s pace in America, which is worse off than parts of Europe. The Economist reports that AT&T has improved its maligned reputation for horrible service in New York, but the iPad will potentially throw smoother delivery operations off kilter.

In an astonishing statistic, AT&T reports that the top 3% of users consumer 40% of available capacity in wireless networks. As a result, AT&T rejects the cherished concept of ‘network neutrality’, reserving the right to cut off heavy users of file-sharing, which accounts for almost two-thirds of traffic on some networks. via The Economist Saturated mobile network: Breaking up