YES Magazine Explores What Happy Families Know | Love Without Ownership

RoseTracker| YES Magazine explores the topic Sex Without Jealousy, Love Without Ownership. This issue of YES Magazine, Winter 2011 is devoted to What Happy Families Know. We find YES to be a thoughtful, well-researched publication with a Cultural Creatives mindset but many ties into Traditional values as well. There’s not much in YES that appeals to Modern values that have dominated America and much of the world since the 1960s.

The prevailing argument is that Modern values of rampant consumption at any cost and on credit fueled this economic meltdown.

YES Magazine, a celebration of humanity. Yes Magazine is one of the few publications that talks to progressive Mama Grizzlies and progressive Snake Charmers (the Anne of Carversville crowd: stylish, sexy, smart with heart.)

We say ‘progressive’ because many of the topics discussed in YES are totally taboo. Watching the video reminds us of a current article in Philadelphia Weekly | Diplomatic Immunity: Church leaders put religious taboos aside to fight AIDS.

Here in Philadelphia church leaders are opening the hearts as well as their Bibles, lowering the volume on condemning gay sex and homosexuality while broadcasting the message: “Protect: Always use a condom.”

Just as Smart Sensuality people are largely Cultural Creatives with heart, many Traditional values people have a lot of heart, too. They are older and a dying breed, and it is the more progressive Cultural Creatives who will represent their values in the future … if any global studies mean a darn thing.

Warren Buffett is a perfect example of a progressive Traditional, along with his son Howard Buffett. Warren Buffett’s private life was an example of many of the marriage and sexuality issues, redefining family topics, discussed in Yes Magazine.

The messages and lifestyles discussed in Yes Magazine’s Winter 2011 issue are playing out far and wide in Philadelphia, which emerges as far more progressive than New York in embracing Cultural Creatives values.