Yale College Dean Mary Miller Speaks to DKE's 'Blindfolded Rant of Sexual Aggression'

Body | Beauty | Culture Yale College Dean Mary Miller has called the Delta Kappa Epsilon pledge night a “blindfolded rant of sexual aggression.” In a new press release, Dean Miller outlines steps the university will be taking in the coming weeks to understand the sexual culture at Yale and thoroughly investigate the events of DKE pledge night.

A series of conversations have been launched by the Yale Women’s Center — the object and destination of the pledges’ night of bad boy fun and frolic. Tomorrow night, the Women’s Center will discuss popular culture’s depictions of violence against women and in relationships, inspired by Eminem’s new ‘Love the Way You Life’ featuring Rihanna. The video has over 172 million views on YouTube. Read on at Sensuality News, with Eminem video.