Worldwide Sensual Drumbeats Promote Peace in Sudan

While Anne of Carversville supports Smart Sensuality trends around the globe, we are reborn activists in promoting peace in a world that has little.

Lubna Hussein’s July 2009 indecency arrest in Sudan ignited our support for women around the world and transformed this website. While we can’t support every peace initiative, this one from Sudan365 is a must-post. The beat unites us in spotlighting the fragile peace that could blow up any moment in Lubna’s homeland.

In honor of Lubna Hussein and her friends in Sudan, find your drum and continue this digital dance. Fundamental forces of war and violence want to beat out every breath of sensuality that breathes in human bodies. Please don’t let that happen.  Anne

Join Sudan365: join thousands of people across the world by drumming along to a global beat for peace in Sudan.

The beat will start in Sudan and will be echoed by people from all over the world: from Nairobi to New York, London to Tokyo.

Famous drummers from Radiohead, The Police, Pink Floyd, Snow Patrol and the legendary musicians Mohammed Munir, Yehia Khalil and Mustaffa Tettey Addy are all joining the beat.

Join a beat for peace and call on governments worldwide to take action to prevent war in Sudan.