World Must Collaborate to Save Global Seafood Supplies

GreenTracker| The current issue of Science reminds us that seafood, not beef, is the significant source of protein for nearly 3 billion people. It contributes jobs for more than 560 million people and is the planet’s most highly traded food commodity. Yet, the lack of any coordinated policy threatens global seafood supplies.

The challenges of saving the globe’s seafood system transcend national borders and demands driven by the food preferences and national ‘rights’.

In their Science article, authors examine the complex environmental, political and economic factors that jeopardize global seafood supplies and livelihoods.

“Issues of resource ownership and governance are at the top of the list,” says Cathy A. Roheim of the University of Rhode Island. No one owns fish stocks or has sole control over what their catch limits should be, or what type of gear or practices can be used to catch them. This has pushed many stocks beyond maximum sustainable yields, and has led to the current precarious role of fisheries in food security. via Science Daily

More reading, an excellent video on the challenges of global seafood supplies from our earlier article.

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