World Explores the Price of Israeli Intelligence

Love| Peace Israel’s assumed right to live above international laws has put the nation is a position where more countries may take action to expel suspected Mossad operatives.  Those expusions, followed by British citizen advisories that in traveling to Israel, one’s passport may be used for international murders in other countries, taint Israel with rogue-state status.

The London Times reports that Ireland, Germany and France are also considering expelling Mossad operatives, perhaps believing that the price of Israel’s intelligence is too high. Four of the passports were issued in Australia.

Israeli intelligence says “no way”. Terrorism is too big a problem in England, for the Brits not to want a tight relationship with Israeli, top-quality intelligence.

Moshe Maor, an expert of British-Israeli ties at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, said that the British actions had more to do with the upcoming elections than intelligence work. via London Times

Many citizens think not. Israel’s superb intelligence may not be worth having, if the need for it circles back to Israel’s self-imposed existence above international law. Like the Vatican, they answer to a higher authority, not the international community. Israel’s prime minister has made it bluntly clear that Israel answers to no one. He’s actually said that for years, but no one took him seriously before now. Read on Israel fears further Mossad expulsions over forged passport affair via London Times