World Economic Forum Evaluates National Resources by Gender

Beyond the Veil| The World Economic Forum’s 2009 Gender Gap rankings were released today. We have good news and bad news. Personally, I find the biggest scandal to be the fact that America ranks 31 behind almost every other developed country in Europe and Cuba.

Now for the great news! Both Lesotho and South Africa are in the top 10, meaning that the allocation of total resources within the country — political, economic, aid and other measures — were allocated most fairly between men and women in the best countries.

In the worst countries, women received increasingly smaller shares of the “resource pie”.

The best countries were, through the US in position 31: Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, South Africa, Denmark, Ireland, Philippines, Lesotho, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Latvia, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Spain, France, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, Barbados, Mongolia, Ecuador, Argentina, Canada, Mozambique, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Cuba and Lithuania.

The worst 20 countries were, with Yemen placing last: Rep of Korea (South), Bahrain, Algeria, Cameroon, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Syria, Ethiopia, Oman, Morocco, Qatar, Egypt, Mali, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Benin, Pakistan, Chad, Yemen. A