Working Moms Lose Lots More Sleep To Child Care Than Dad

RedTracker| The first American study of working parents with young children, analyzing time-diary data from about 20,000 working parents over the period 2003-2007 finds that women are not only more two-and-a-half times likely to get up at night to care for others, their sleep interruptions last longer.

The gender gap in sleep patterns was greatest during the prime childbearing and child-rearing years.

Women face greater fragmentation and lower quality of sleep at a time when their careers are in the critical initial stages. The researchers were surprised to find that even when the woman was the sole breadwinner of the family, 28 percent of them were also responsible for getting out of bed at night for child care, compared to four percent of men.

The research was conducted by sociologist Sarah Burgard for the U-M Institute for Social Research. via Science Daily