Women's Sexual Desire Drug | FDA Ruling on Flibanserin

RoseTracker| The FDA panel of experts failed to recommend flibanserin for approval, as a pink Viagra for women. Read on ABC News.


The FDA review panel will make its recommendation tomorrow on whether to recommend approval of flibanserin. We object to the approval, knowing that it will lead to a total TV bombardment of ads telling American women that a pink pill will solve their sexuality challenges. 

Our non-embrace of flibanserin might surprise readers, because we’re totally committed to getting American women into the bedroom. All women, we should say. But this drug will be targeted at American women, because it didn’t work on the European women. Among American women the placebo affect was the big bump, significantly more than the placebo effect plus the pill’s efficacy. 

What the Boehringer Ingelheim research confirms is the position we’ve maintained for three years. American women — for multiple reasons — struggle more with sexual desire than other women in the world. Read on in our two major posts about this research:

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