Women Suicide Bombers on the Move

GlobeTracker| A female suicide bomber killed at least 46 and wounded 106 Shiite worshippers in Iraq, marking Arbaeen, 40 days after the Day of Ashoura.

Maintaining security in crowds of hundreds of thousands in number, according to Al Jazeera, is challenging under any circumstances.

Unlike American press reports, Al Jazeera writes that Iraqi authorities lack enough policewomen to conduct searches at most checkpoints. In addition, security forces have been reluctant to use bomb-snuffing dogs against people, because of cultural sensitivites.

This weekend British press that women suicide bombers are having breast implant surgery, implanting sachets of explosives which are detonated via syringe. We’re investigating this next evolution of terrorist activity, which also includes men having buttock implants.

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Photo: Shiite Muslim women taking part in Arbaeen in Karbala, Iraq in a prior year. via AFP