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RedTracker| Anne Lauvergeon, aka ‘Atomic Anne’, was the embattled head of France’s state-owned nuclear company Areva before Japan’s nuclear catastrophe. Appearing on almost every ‘most important women in the world’ lists, Lauvergeon has honed a big vision for Areva, engaging it in nearly all aspects of nuclear energy, from mining and engineering to construction and recycling writes the NYTimes.

Fighting for reappointment against arguments that hers is a ‘man’s job’ Anne Lauvergeon says about being a rare woman at the top of a big company in France:

“It’s an advantage, but also an inconvenience,” she said, in a series of interviews in her office, filled with African and Asian art, overlooking the rooftops of Paris. “It’s strange, because being a woman is globally an advantage, especially in a very macho country, because you’re very visible.” But in France, she said, the matters are more subtle. “Here you have the idea that if it’s very serious, or it’s a really attractive job, why not for a man?”

Despite Drags, ‘Atomic Anne’ Keeps France Spinning NYTimes

Judge Maryann Sumi

In Wisconsin, Judge Maryann Sumi put on hold Friday a new law that would severely limit collective-bargaining rights for public unions. Judge Sumi issued a temporary restraining order preventing the bill from being published while she revies the case.

Wisconsin Republican Party Executive Director Mark Jefferson said his lawmakers would probably let the legal process carry the issue. Protesters have made life difficult for Republican legislators, surrounding them and their cars at home and work. Mr. Jefferson said. “It was such a fiasco before, they’re probably not eager to get spit on again,” he said.

Union leaders agree that the reprieve is only temporary and the law may well be enacted. “Every day this goes on, the public is turning against Walker, and recalls are getting more and more energy against the Republicans,” said Eddie Vale, a spokesman for the AFL-CIO.

Wisconsin Judge Blocks Union Law Wall Street Journal

House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

We haven’t heard much from Nancy Pelosi recently — strangely so with media committed to hearing both sides of the story. Pelosi — the champion vote counter in House of Representatives history —  talks about her quiet alliance with John Boehner, a political necessity for the Speaker if he is to accomplish anything in Congress. Boehner can’t control his own Republicans.

Pelosi does clarify that the majority of incoming freshmen Republican House members are much more concerned with fiscal policy that destroying women’s rights. It’s the senior guys who are gunning for women.

“I watched the debate very carefully,” Nancy Pelosi told a small group of reporters Wednesday afternoon. “New members are interested in cuts; more senior members are interested in riders, the policy stuff,” an observation that she shared with her successor, John Boehner. “He didn’t comment on it,” she says. These “riders” would defund National Public Radio, Planned Parenthood, and the new health-care law. Pelosi’s point is not about their differing ideology but the mathematics of reaching the 218 votes Boehner needs in the House. 

Nancy Pelosi Interview: Her Alliance with John Boehner The Daily Beast